Bad Boys, What Are You Gonna Do When The Cops Strangle You?

April 28, 2014: Is it abuse of duty when the police strangle a college kid?

A 22-year- old was strangled to the point of unconsciousness in Knoxville by – get this – the police.

The cops would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for that meddling John Mesner. No one knew that he was lurking around and capturing a sequence of photographs of what is being called inexcusable misconduct.

So this is what went down. University of Tennessee had a party. The party got out of hand. A college kid named Dotson and his friends then threw beer bottles at the police, all in good fun, of course.

By this time, Dotson realized that he was busted and knew what was good for him. Therefore, he did not resist when the Tennessee police handcuffed him. He then very willingly followed the Knox County deputies to the police van.

This should be where the story ends, right? Like all testosterone--charged stories, this too went on for much longer than it should have. One of the cops decided he was bored by the whole compliance thing, so he used his two hands to choke Dotson until he went down for the count.

As mentioned before, if it wasn’t for this furtive photographer, the police would have gone away free.  Instead, 47-year-old Frank Phillips, a veteran cop with 22 years of service under his belt, was relieved of his duties.  

Frank Phillips, 47, has been with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office since 1992.

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But this is nothing new. The police have a long history of wanton conduct. They readily assume an above- the-law temperament that undermines public faith in law enforcement agencies.

We understand. Police officials must preserve a strict demeanor. Still, one can’t help but wonder the need for such excessive use of force.

This is just one of the many instances of brutality that happened to be captured. What about the scores of such incidents that go unreported? Who is regulating their behavior?

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