Dolphin Afraid Of Japanese Hunters Throws Itself At Man's Feet

Heart-wrenching videos of the controversial dolphin hunt in the Japanese town of Taiji continue to emerge this year.

As Japanese hunters went around the sea capturing dolphins for the annual Taiji hunt, one poor creature was seen begging for dear life.

Conservationist Ric O’Barry from The Dolphin Project was busy recording video clips of the controversial dolphin hunt as part of documenting the practice when one terrified animal afraid of being caught began throwing himself at the man’s feet, as hunters were herding it into the Taiji cove.

While some of the dolphins are sold for meat, others are captured and sold to aquariums for dolphin shows and entertainment purposes.

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O’Barry is heard saying, “I cannot go in to the water and help him or I will be arrested, put in jail and deported. This is heartbreaking. Awful.”

Around 17,000 dolphins are hunted down each year and killed, and many of them die soon after being captured due to shock, according to the wildlife charity Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

Watch the video above to see if the dolphin is caught by its hunters despite attempts to escape.

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