Fort Hood– Will Muslims Forever Be Labeled As Terrorists In America?

Every time there’s an act of terrorism; fingers are pointed at Muslims. The Fort Hood shooting was no different.

Within hours of the shooting at Fort Hood, there were whispers and suspicions that some Muslim terrorist is probably involved. The following tweet is just an example:

Yes, a bunch of radical and violent Islamists have done remarkable damage to the reputation of their religion and the very same place was indeed attacked by a Muslim American in 2009. That incident has not faded from people’s memories, but does that mean a follower of Islam is behind every act of aggression against the Americans?

Apparently it does:

There was also a strong reaction to the accusations.

Despite all this, the fact remains that racial profiling of Muslims in the US is not going to subside anytime soon.

Last year, the NYPD was embroiled in a legal battle for racially profiling the Muslim community and specifically conducting public surveillance of places where people from the faith gathered.

After 9/11, Muslims, and specifically Arabs, became the centre of a lot of negative attention. The average American always kept his or her guard up when crossing paths with people from the region.

Unfortunately, the paranoia only increased with time and more than a decade later, Americans are still skeptical of Muslims.

This is despite the fact that an FBI report showed last year that it was non-Muslims who carried out more than 90% of all terrorist attacks on U.S. soil between 1980 and 2005. According to the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security in North Carolina U.S., acts of terrorism were by Muslims were practically nil in 2012.

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