Two Men Sum Up Our Lives

The world as we know it can be described in two simple statements made by a scientist and policitcian in the past two days.

The world as we know it can be described in two simple statements made by a scientist and policitcian in the past two days.

Statement 01: Richard Dawkins, a famous ethologist and evolutionary biologist, tweeted the following on Sunday.



 His tweet, referring to airport security in the United States, sums up post-9/11 America

Responding to his tweet, one of his followers reinforced Dawkin’s point.

"You are quite right. After the awful violence & bloodshed, the winning tactic of the terrorist is to instil lasting fear."

The world has been living under the dark shadow of ‘terrorism’ for 12 years now. The most prominent manifestation of this ‘lasting fear’ can be found at airports all over the world.

Traveling has become a nightmare.

Anything from a simple beard to a little girl’s skipping rope can deem you a ‘suspect’ in the eyes of airport security. .

Statement 2: U.S. Senior Senator Patrick Leahy

Terrorism And Lack Of Privacy: Richard Dawkins & Sen. Patrick Leahy Nailed Our Lives In Separate Statements

Expressing his distrust of the National Security Agency (NSA), Sen. Patrick Leahy made the following statement in an interview onMSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on Monday.

“This is the same NSA that couldn’t protect their greatest secret from a 29-year-old subcontractor who stole them all, marched them off to Russia and has been letting them out about every other day.”

Leahy made a direct reference to former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden, who has been leaking highly sensitive NSA material on the agency’s spying activities since May. He was granted temporary asylum in the only country gutsy enough to defy the US – Russia.

 News of NSA snooping has jolted America’s civil consciousness in a long-lasting way, as people are now questioning one of their fundamental constitutional rights – privacy.

It’s almost like someone has placed us in a glass house where we have no expectation of privacy - from our personal emails and calls to our social media activity.

Unfortunately that is what defines the lives of American people- fear of ‘terror’ and lack of trust in government agencies.

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It may seem simplistic, but the fear of Terror made one feel the urge to hide and seek refuge in the comfort of one’s own home but NSA spying has put an end to that as well.

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