Think Twice Before Criticizing Terrorists On YouTube They Can And Will Track You Down

No sensationalizing here. It’s a fact. If you think this is just one of those tantalizing headlines; think again.

A man is in hiding, fearing for his life after terrorists obtained his personal information from YouTube. Yes, the video-sharing site has some pretty slack copyright policies.

According to a report, “Germany employee of the YouTube show Al Hayat TV, which is notably critical of Islam and consists of individuals who used to be of the Islam faith before converting to Christianity, received a copyright strike from YouTube ordered by “FirstCrist, Copyright.” In order for his channel to not be taken down by the video-sharing site, he was told to provide his identity. After doing so, he then received a death threat from “FirstCrist, Copyright” via email, reading:  ‘thank you for your personal data. [...] take care your house gets police protection!’”

How is it possible? Simple, hardcore Islamists, of obviously violent nature, are using false Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices to hunt down their YouTube critics.

Under the DMCA, content-hosting websites cannot be held accountable for copyright-infringing content hosted on their sites so long as they have a system in place whereby offending material can be reported and removed.

YouTube told the German newspaper FAZ that the company “can not intervene in the dispute” if more than one person is alleging ownership of copyright, and that the parties “need to speak directly to each other to find a solution.”


For sure.

Will there be a solution?

One hopes so.

But as for now, it is harrowing to know how these policy loopholes can be used against freedom of speech and used so violently.

One can only hope this story is some sort of a hoax otherwise it clearly points at opening of another terror abyss.

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