Testicle Eating Pacu Fish Revealed As Hoax

It’s safe to go back in the water. It’s safe to go back in the water. The fearsome “testicle eating” fish called the pacu is all a big hoax.

For the past week, Scandinavian swimmers have feared the open water after reports of male swimmers being attacked by pacu fish swept around the world. In particular, the piranha-like fish appeared to have a preference for male testicles.

These rumors originated from Peter Resk Moeller, an expert at the Natural History Museum of Denmark. Moellner claimed last week that, "If (pacu fish) bite, they can bite hard ... especially when they bite you where you really don't want to be bitten." This one statement soon went viral as the legend of the testicle-biting fish swept across Scandinavia and the world.

Today, however, Moellner noted that he was mostly joking when he discussed the pacu fish, and reassured swimmers that there are not, in fact, testicle eating fish in the deep end.

On August fourth, a Scandanavian fisherman was the first man in the world to catch a wild Pacu. The Pacu is an extremely rare cousin of the Piranah, and has much larger teeth than an average pirannah. It was these larger chompers that gave credence to the claim that they could bite a man’s testicles clean off.

In realaity, not only are swimmer unlikely to be attacked by a pacu, they are even less likely to ever see one.

"I think it's just a rumor," Another fish expert noted. "There's no need for swimmers to worry at all. They will be lucky if they see a pacu."

It would hurt pretty bad to get bit by a pacu, but would it hurt a pacu if you injured it?

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