Texas School Textbooks In Denial Over Manmade Climate Change

Global warming is apparently just a phase that will pass, according to school textbooks in Texas.

Global Warning Denialism

Propaganda and false indoctrination works best on young minds, which is probably why school going students in Texas nearly became victims of being taught a lesson that's factually inaccurate and widely discredited by experts.

Sixth gradesocial studies textbooks in Texas contain information about climate change that 97% of scientists disagree with. Apparently, these fact-defying textbooks acquit us human beings from any wrongdoing when it comes to the climatic and other environmental changes on the Earth. The book's authors further intended to misguide the students by stating that the international scientific fraternity is in disagreement over whether human actions are causing global warming.

“Scientists agree that Earth’s climate is changing. They do not agree on what is causing the change,” a passage in the said textbook reads. “Scientists who study the issue say it is impossible to tell if the recent small warming trend is natural, a continuation of the planet’s recovery from the more recent 'Little Ice Age,' or unnatural, the result of human greenhouse gas emissions.”

Global Warning Denialism

In complete contrast, the actual truth is that a vast majority of the world's scientists hold man responsible for whatever environmental changes are occurring. Only 3% stray from this widely recognized belief.

The reason behind highlighting the view of an ideological minority could be to appease the right-wing Tea Party orthe Heartland Institute, a conservative advocacy group which receives its backingfrom the Koch brotherswho are oil tycoons. To them, global warming is simply a phase that the world is going through, and it will be followed by a cycle of cold. They stick to their unscientific viewpoint despite the fact that climatologists don't see any cyclical shift in the Earth's temperaturethat could reverse global warming.

The said textbooks are set to be reviewed following the shi*storm the media coverageof it has generated. However, its exact fate remains unclear. The social media's take on the matter is pretty clear though.

Global Warning Denialism

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