The Devastation Left Behind By The Texas Tornado

Amna Shoaib
Storm ripping through Texas are causing death and destruction across large swaths of the Lone Star State.


Texas was hit by deadly, strong floods, leaving at least eight people dead.

The intense storms, unusual for winters, brought destruction to the state. Walls were torn down, cars flung around and roofs mangled after the onset of the storm. The strong winds tossed cars on a motorway in Gallad near Dallas, killing five people.


Two people were found dead in a gas station, and an infant’s body was recovered from Blue Ridge.

The monstrous storm is no way near an end. Authorities expect a historic blizzard that will bring around 41 cm of snow to the ravaged state.

Although rescue operations have begun, relief efforts are hindered by power outages; many parts of the states were plunged into darkness after the storms.

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