Thai Miracle Elephant Finally Gets Artificial Leg

For a change, here is a good story regarding an elephant. This lucky one from Thailand got a new lease on life.

A prosthetic leg has given the 50-year-old hardworking elephant a chance for a more normal life.

Motala, a female elephant in Thailand, is a 50-year old landmine survivor. Motala was a working elephant who moved trees in an illegal logging camp until she lost her leg by stepping on a landmine in Thailand-Myanmar border, in 1999.

Despite attempts to save the limb, it was so badly injured that it eventually had to be amputated below the knee. After 10 years of surgery and rehabilitation, Motala received her first prosthetic limb built by the Prostheses Foundation.

The Prostheses Foundation, which normally creates artificial limbs for humans, made Motala’s new leg free of charge. The process wasn’t easy, but after it was completed, the world saw “a happy Motala.”

Motala isn’t the first elephant to receive a new leg. In 2008, a 7-month-old baby elephant named Mosha received her own prosthetic, although her recovery and adjustment process was much quicker due to her age. Today both Motala and Mosha use prostheses to walk on their own at Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital in Lampang, Thailand.

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