Thai Men Admit To Raping Russian Tourists VIDEO


Recently, Thai police have arrested three suspects who are accused of not just robbing, but raping two Russian tourists in Pattaya last month.

Thai police arrest three men accused of robbing and raping two Russian tourists on December 26th in the seaside town of Pattaya. Police said they had strong evidence against the suspects, including a gun, a knife, and one of the victim's phones.

The Russian women told police they noticed one of the perpetrator's wore an object around his stomach, police believe it to be this amulet, supposedly a good luck charm.

All three suspects admitted their guilt, with one of the accused apologizing to the victims, and another saying that he had not intended to commit rape.

Police said investigators identified one of the suspects by tracing his vehicle on CCTV, the two others were brought to police attention during an investigation into another case.

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