This Time Thailand’s Coup May Prove To Be One Too Many

Thailand has had about 12 coups so far. So is there anything special about this one?

This Time Thailand’s Coup May Prove To Be One Too Many

The news that the Thai coup leader General Prayuth Chan-ochahas received royal endorsement at a proper ceremony in the capital, Bangkok may come as a shock to some. Who has ever heard of a coup being given an all-OK by the monarchy of the country?

But we have to keep in mind thatcoups to Thailand do not necessarily mean the same thing as the rest of the world.  Since taking power in a coup last week, members of the political class have been detained;the media has been shut down; scores of politicians, activists and academics have been taken into custody;and ministries have been put under the charge of men in uniform. For now, all powers lie with the National Peace and Order Maintaining Council (NPOMC) headed by General Prayuth. 

The reason given for the coup is restoration of order after nearly seven months of occasionally deadly street demonstrations in the country.

The reason could be this, that or any other; the people of Thailand are not as willing to accept the military take over as their monarch is. They have been out in droves protesting against the action and have been facing the military’s might head on.

There have been a whopping eleven coups in the country since 1932.

As protestors have been making known they are fed up of these coups, Placards with phrases like “Democracy has always been aborted. When will it be born?” andFuck the coup” are prominent around the capital.


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