Three Brits Are Driving Their Classic Minis Through The U.S. To Save A Kid’s Life

They “want to make a difference” by travelling 10,000 miles in their beloved cars.

Alex, Peter and Dudley

Three Britons have embarked upon a monumental road trip to change a 5-year-old’s life for better.

They have shipped their classic minis from the U.K. and aim to cover 10,000 miles, driving through the U.S. despite massive temperature changes, to raise money so that their coworker’s son Jack, who suffers from spastic diplegic cerebral palsy, can have his much-needed surgery.

The drivers – Alex, Peter and Dudley – have named their initiative “The American Job.”

Peter Alex Dudley

As it appears, Jack and his twin brother Charlie were born eight weeks early. Even though Charlie has had his own set of complications, in 2012, Jack was diagnosed with the condition that rendered him unable to walk. The doctors advised the family that the kid needed Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) operation in St. Louis, Missouri, which costs about $88,000.

The surgery has the potential to allow Jack to walk without any aide.

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Family and friends have already raised half the amount needed to take care of the operation, physiotherapy, and other equipment the child might need. The American Job is trying to accumulate the rest through the donations they collect during their trip through eastern U.S.

Originally, the drivers had planned to make it to the West Coast but complications with shipping forced the group to shorten their journey a bit.

Jack inspires The American Job

So far, they have received extremely great response and have raised about 10 percent of their desired goal.

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