The 'Clock Kid' Is Leaving For Qatar Because The US Has Failed Him

From the moment those cuffs snapped on his wrists, this was a foregone conclusion.

The constantly developing story of Ahmed Mohamed may have finally reached its final chapter. And it does not leave the United States looking particularly good.

According to a report on Yahoo News UK the Mohamed family made a statement on Tuesday announcing that they would be making the move to give their children a better life.

"We are going to move to a place where my kids can study and learn, and all of them being accepted by that country," said Ahmed’s father Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed.


Ahmed Mohamed Speaking to a crowd of supporters

According to the statement, Ahmed received an invitation to join Qatar Foundation of Science’s Young Innovators Program. This program includes a grant that will fully cover the tuition for his secondary and university level educations.

Reportedly Mohamed the younger is very excited about the move and had the chance to familiarize himself with the area on an earlier trip to Qatar with his family in September.

The move may be a victory for Mohamed and his family, but it is an unmitigated loss for the United States.

Everyone from Mark Zuckerberg to President Barack Obama have gone out of their way to mend fences with Mohamed, and it has all been to no avail.

By making this move to Qatar the Mohamed family has made it clear that no amount of white house visits, or silicon valley tours will be enough to erase the memory of their son being taken away from his school in handcuffs.

Ahmed Mohamed arrested

The moment those metal bracelets snapped shut around the young boy’s wrists the damage was done. Everything that has happened since then has just been one long beautiful break up.

Mohamed has had amazing opportunities, met wonderful people, and seen an outpouring of support across the country and around the world. But no parent should have to see his or her innocent son carted away from a place that is supposed to encourage and educate him because of the way he looks.

The Mohammed family was offered an amazing opportunity by the government of Qatar, but in all honesty they probably would have left the country even without the promise of a scholarship.

Education costs being covered are nice. However, transportation costs, the hassle of finding new jobs, and the emotional upheaval of an inter-continental move could have easily negated those savings for Mohamed’s parents.

Make no mistake about it, they are not leaving because of the money, they are leaving because this country betrayed their trust.

Barack Obama hugs Ahmed Mohamed

The United States used to be the country that people from other nations fled to for the promise of a better education.

Hopefully this saga will serve as a wake up call.

If we work together, elect carefully, and educate ourselves properly, then maybe we can be that country again one day.

It is certainly a goal worth striving for. 

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