The Dark Side Of Egypt’s Protests: Women Harassed, Beaten And Raped!

The huge crowds at Tahrir Square in Egypt and their relentless quest for their rights are motivating for millions around the world.

Egypt’s Protests

The huge crowds at Tahrir Square in Egypt and their relentless quest for their rights are motivating for millions around the world.

However there is a side to the protests, always have been, that is dark and sinister.  The women there are not safe!

Just recently a young Dutch journalist got raped by a group of five men while millions of protesters took to the streets to demand the removal of Egypt's President Mohammed Mursi.

The woman is believed to have undergone surgery for horrific injuries sustained in the attack, as a volunteer vigilante group formed to protect women in Tahrir Square reported a new wave of sexual violence by groups of men targeting women.

Mohamed El-Khateeb, an eye witness describes what he witnessed. It’s hair-raising

“I saw her.

 She was being pulled into a spiral of young men (ages 20 to 30). They seemed to me as if they look alike. Some older men and bystanders were trying to get in to save her. They got beaten, one of them left with a bruised eye.

 At one point I was only able to see her hair and part of her face for split seconds, before she was dragged in to circle of hell again…I saw her again, this time she was on the ground and a slightly obese man was on top of her (sorry for using the word obese, can't think of any other word now) and the crowds were still around them either beating up each other or trying to pull the woman away.”

Groups likeOperation Anti-Sexual Harassment and Tahrir Bodyguard are working around the clock with several volunteers but it is not easy keeping a check and controlling a mob.

These groups have even urged women to stay away from Tahrir they take the situation in control.

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Dina Zakaria, an Egyptian journalist reporting for the "Egypt 25" news channel, reported that a Dutch journalist in Tahrir Square "was raped by men who dub themselves revolutionists".

"Her condition is severe and she is hospitalised," she wrote on her Facebook page.

The Dutch Embassy in Cairo also confirmed the incident.

These attacks appear to be designed to intimidate women and it is not unlikely in a state where the clergy feels there’s not much wrong with it.

Earlier this year, Ahmad Mahmoud Abdullah, or better known as ‘Abu Islam,’ an Egyptian Salafi preacher called the raping and sexual harassment of women protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square is justified!

2012 also saw such attacks in Egypt.

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