The End Of ISIS May Come At The Unlikeliest Of Hands- Women

IRONY: Women, brutally dealt with by ISIS militants are turning to be a weapon of mass destruction against them.


"My daughters were calling on people to kill them, but no one wanted to do that. So they jumped from the mountain and ended their bitter life," said a mother whose three daughters were also raped by the Islamic State (ISIS) militants.

The three girls were not alone in their plight. Several minority Yazidi women who later committed suicide were raped by ISIS militants in August 2014.

The ISIS' atrocities against women are not a secret but something that the international community including the United Nations has condemned.

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Reports of over 1,000 women being abducted, beaten and tortured into converting to Islam and at times raped, given away and sold for as much as $10 by the ISIS to other militants for sex slavery are rampant.

In what is almost poetic justice, the very gender they wreck havoc on are probably the most lethal weapon to be used against them.

Women have been enlisted to fight alongside men to rid their lands from the ISIS militants. For the women, at the receiving end of ISIS atrocities, the fight is a personal one.

But for the militants it is a nightmare. To die at the hands of a woman is at par withbeing killed by an infidel and going to hell.

“I think (ISIS) were more afraid of us than of the men,” says 27-year-old Tekoshin , one of many Iraqi women up in arms against the barbarians. “They don’t allow women in areas under their control to go to the market” and force them to wear headscarves, she says. “Our struggle against (the ISIS) is to defend women from them and from that kind of thinking.”

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She is one of hundreds of women up in arms against the militants says she is fighting not only because of the threat they pose to Kurds but because they are against women’s liberation as well.

For another sister in arms 26-year-old fighter Shimal, the battle against ISIS is also about solidarity with women who have fallen victim to the radical militants because they “turns women into slaves,” she says.

“We'll take the fight until the last drop of blood,” declares a 19-year-old  Shanaz Bakir Ahmad. 

A legend among such warriors is a woman known as Oumaya Naji al-Jabara who was killed in the battle with ISIS. She was given the honor of being named “Sheikha” derived from ‘Sheikh’ the revered title given to a tribal leader- an honor that has up until now typically been reserved for men.

President Obama has signaled a likely expansion of American airstrikes against the ISIS. He should perhaps think of sending an army of women to send the ‘Islamic’ militants die an “infidel’s death”

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