The Funniest Tweets That Capture The Chaos Of GOP’s Leadership Crisis

The GOP's emotional struggle to find a new leader was not immune to the Twitterverse's mockery, which hilariously captured their panic and desperation.

Kevin McCarthy

First, House Speaker John Boehner unexpectedly resigns, and now his potential successor Kevin McCarthy dropped out of the race on Thursday exploding the Republican Party into a frenzy of chaos and desperation.

McCarthy quitting has dealt the GOP a hard and fast blow as he seemed like the inevitable replacement — no one had stepped up to the platform to challenge the candidate.

According to Vox, the GOP is undoubtedly in hot water in finding a new leader. A total of 218 votes are needed to elect a House Speaker, but with 188 Democrats voting for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and 40 Republicans of the House Freedom Caucus rejecting any candidate they view as being particularly civil towards President Obama, the Republicans just won’t have enough votes to elect a new speaker.

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The party’s frantic search for a leader reveals how utterly dysfunctional and ungovernable the GOP truly is. The shock erupted a hilarious firestorm on Twitter that astutely captivates the unraveling, panicky downfall of the Republican Party. 

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