World's Largest Ship About To Lose Its Title To A New Behemoth Of The Seas

"It's like an office block lying on its side. It's a huge beast."

The Globe

The Globe, a container ship built by South Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industry, currently holds the title of being world’s largest ship. Owned by Shanghai-based China Shipping Container Lines, this majestic vessel can carry up to 19,100 20-foot containers and is more than 1,312 feet long and 240 feet high.

The Globe

Currently docked in Britain, The Globe is on its maiden voyage, which began on Dec. 3 in Qingdao, China and is due to end in Ningbo city this month. It will also make a stop at Rotterdam, Hamburg and Bruges.

The Globe

"You would feel dwarfed by The Globe," says a container expert at Lloyd's List shipping publication. "It's like an office block lying on its side. It's a huge beast."

However, The Globe  is about to lose the prestigious title of being world’s largest ship to MSC Oscar, a container ship owned by the Mediterranean Shipping Company.

The Globe

Built by Daewoo in South Korea, The Oscar is named after company’s president Diego Aponte’s son, and will launch later this month.

Winning the competition with The Globe, The Oscar will be able to carry 19,224 20-foot containers.

Its first full voyage, from Asia to Europe, begins in the end of January, 53 days after The Globe's commercial debut.

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