You Can Share Your Positive Interactions With Cops On This Website

Amid growing mistrust and resentment against police officers in the country, the Good Cop aims to commend law enforcement officials who are honest and hardworking.

A Michigan company has launched a website where people can share positive interactions they have had with police officers.

Rhino Media, a Kalamazoo-based public relations firm, created the Good Cop – a platform where residents can show their appreciation for cops who are working hard and honestly to serve their communities.

The website comes amid growing mistrust and resentment against police officers in the country – especially in the wake of cases of violence and use of lethal force against unarmed African Americans.

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“We know there's tons and tons of good people in our society and the people who are stepping up in law enforcement and putting their lives on the line, we so respect you and we so honor you," Rhino Media owner Kevin Romeo told MLive.

Apart from sharing stories on the Good Cop, people can also use the hashtags #goodcop and #goodcopkzoo to express their support. 

A short film produced as part of the campaign shows several officers discussing some of the toughest experiences they've had on job that does not pay well.

While the website looks promising, previous similar social media initiatives to restore public trust in law enforcement have backfired massively. Case in point: The New York Police department started a hashtag on Twitter called #myNYPD last year, requesting people to share positive cop encounters. Instead, people flooded the forum with photos of police brutality and discrimination against non-white communities.

Let’s hope the Good Cop fares better than that.

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