The GOP Lines Up Around “Not Serious” On Obama’s Fiscal Cliff Proposal

The GOP has more than a plan, they have a word: serious. Republicans of all stripes are describing Obama's fiscal cliff proposal as "not serious" and their own as "serious." Will the media play along?

Time and again, Republicans are praised (grudgingly, by liberals) for their ability to gather around a cause, a policy, and in many cases, a phrase. They have done it again in response to President Obama’s proposal to House Republicans to avert the fiscal cliff. After a few days, they have a unified reply: Obama is “not serious.” It started when Speaker of the House John Boehner said that the offer was “not serious,” and from there, those two little words took off.

Before long, seriousness was the one and only metric with which conservatives judged Obama. Republican Senator-Elect of Arizona Jeff Flake repeated the line.

Republican senators Roy Blunt and Pat Toomey were among many who used those exact words to describe the President's proposal.

And it only stood to reason that, when the GOP released their proposal, it would immediately be branded by rank-and-file Republicans guessed it:

In case you are curious, Herman Cain's way of testing Democrats is to listen to what they say and do some math.

Most of what the GOP proposed today will not become law, and may be gone by the next round of negotiations, but we can be sure of one thing. The Republicans have chosen the word with which they will leverage public opinion. Say what you will about their proposal, but these guys know how to get behind a message.

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