The Latest in Climate Change - Before and After Photos

New photos from NASA show undeniable change in our planet due to climate.

Latest in Climate Change

Glaciers are melting, lakes are shrinking, and forests are being cut down like there’s no tomorrow. While the last of those is undoubtedly the fault of humans, the source of climate change as a whole is hard to pinpoint. We’ve all been given mounds of evidence on either end of the spectrum – “we’re killing our planet” vs. “this change is natural”…. Regardless, climate change is happening worldwide and that is no question.

These images from NASA taken last year and at the beginning of this year provide uncontestable evidence of our changing world:

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Business Insider says that the effects seen in these images are mostly our fault. And NASA agrees, saying, “…people have had the largest impact on our climate since 1950.” There are also natural changes of course, but evidence of natural causes fails to explain most of the changes.

All of this shocking visual evidence has definitely made people realize the severity of these problems – perhaps a little too late. But, something can always be done. World leaders convened at the UN Climate Summit last year to discuss plans to reduce carbon emissions, according to Business Insider. While recognition is the first step, worldwide change has yet to be implemented. However, we should all do our part to help our planet on the small scale.

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