The not-so curious case of the Island that disappeared

When you think of islands you think of something vast and beautiful. You think of nature and glory and of cool drinks and the baking hot sun – well not anymore, think of a home, then think of it disappearing, at least that’s what happened to Lohachara in the Bay of Bengal. Rising sea levels wiped the island off the face of earth. It shows the world just what the environmentalists mean when they talk about rising temperatures that will lead towards a disastrous end for all involved.

The not-so curious case of the Island that disappeared

The tiny Island that was the center of a dispute between Bangladesh and India from the past few decades has almost submerged into the sea water. The Lohachara island, part of the dispute between the two countries of India and Bangladesh was near the Sundarbans where the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers empty in the Bay of Bengal.

For environmentalists, this marks the moment where most of their predictions about environmental crises have come true. For years climate scientists and environmentalists from all over the world insisted and pointed out to the dire consequences that global warming would bring about in the world. Facts and figures were provided for the entire world to see and everyone was urged to actually do something about it rather than waiting for dire circumstances.



Now it seems, the entire world is left gaping at the island that was. It isn’t the only island that is in danger of literally being wiped off the face of the earth. Papua New Guinea’s Carteret Islands are also in danger of disappearing – in about an estimated 8 years.

The rise in global temperatures are leading to the ice caps melting – this in turn is bringing forth a chain of events that is likely to bring about a disastrous future if not dealt with agility. Lohachara was inhabited at the time it sank beneath the sea, but previously it was home to over 10,000 people. These people had fled to the neighboring islands, but now even those islands are under the threat.


The disappearance of this contested island is the time that the world needs to wake up and look around. There has been an abundance of natural disasters in the past few years, from earthquakes and cyclones which are out of human control to oil spills in the seas that pollute them to CFC gases and other pollutants that are released in the environment without any heed – this is all pointing towards a disaster that could wipe humans off the face of planet earth.

The Island of Lohachara – New Moore for the Indians and South Talpatti for the Bangladeshis was fiercely contested over by both the nations – years of negotiations couldn’t decide the outcome of it. According to the director of the School for Oceanographic Studies, Sugata Hazra, it was nature that decided at the end, and obliterated the island completely, ending the entire source of the dispute. The disputed island was a part of territory of that both India and Bangladesh claimed was theirs, but in the end it was nature that claimed a sad victory.

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