The promise of doom from the free world – Fidel Castro

On April 25, Fidel Castro, the former President of Cuba blogged about the United States, which he affectionately calls ‘Emperor USA’. Global warming is a serious issue which America constantly brushes under the carpet and refuses to take on responsibility as a global leader. For a person who masterminded sugar production for the entire world, Castro and Cuba are clearly disappointed with Obama for condemning the world to destruction.



In a recent blog from former Cuban President Fidel Castro - he has called on the “Empire”, USA, to forego its love for weapons and greater power. Obama has proved to be quite inflexible on the issue of environment. The United States, it seems, is not as willing to further the cause of humanity and curb global warming as they claim to and are unable to stop polluting the world.


The World Conference in Copenhagen was about to be held and Obama sparked off hopes that the United States would join the world consensus in favor of a binding agreement to prevent the ecologic catastrophe threatening the human species. What happened there was disappointing; the international public had become the victim of a painful deception.

The letter does strike a few chords. The US contributes to 25% of all world smoke emission.  Castro terms climate change “unstoppable” and lists the Copenhagen Climate Change summit a disappointment by the ‘clever politician’, a pun on Obama. The US, he states, has claimed the entire world as the victim of its painful deception.

Within only 40 years, the world population will increase in 2 billion to reach the figure of 9 billion people in that short time. Harbors, hotels, tourist resorts, roads, industries and facilities close to the ports will be underwater in less time than a generation from a wealthy and developed nation needs to enjoy half their lives, the same nations that today selfishly refuse to make the least of sacrifices to preserve the survival of the human species



Castro, as Cuban President, managed to produce enough sugar to feed the world in a single record breaking year. Hence, can point to the fact that the days where the soil produced enough crop to feed all the mouths of the world, are at an end. Over the next 40 years, world population will peak at 9 billion. Fossil fuel reserves exhausted. Major cities would be under water. Lands once fertile, would sit idle, exhausted and barren.

Later, genetic manipulation and the use of chemical fertilizers also contributed to the solution of crucial needs but they too are coming to the end of their possibilities to produce healthy food for human consumption.

Improved harvesting mechanism, transportation and market systems increased yield. Chemical fertilizers further filled the granaries. Genetic engineering made food plentiful. However, now that once again food is becoming scarce, mouths remain to be fed – where is the next miracle that will feed the empty stomachs of the world?

The news item that Castro mentions is one of a test flight by X 37b, an unmanned, reusable space craft. This may hint to the fiction film possibility that the final survival of man is in abandoning Earth in search of other planets to infect, pillage and destroy.


When American President Barack Obama was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, Michael Moore said, “Now, earn it.” Many people liked the ingenious comment; it was a smart phrase, even though many found the decision of the Norwegian Committee an example of demagoguery and the exaltation of the apparently harmless petty-politics of the newUS President, an African-American, a good communicator and a clever politician leading a powerful empire involved in a deep economic crisis.

Quoting Michael Moore, Castro calls out to the wunderkind – “Now earn it!” Obama, while earning plaudits for putting nuclear missiles in cans, but he is only doing it to replace them by similar effect weapons. As a result of this pursuit, he is letting slip the biggest bomb of them all – Earth. So, does the Empire need anything else?