The SAT Scores Of 13 Famous People. Guess Who Wins Out Of Bill Clinton, Bill Gates And Ke$ha.

The SAT scores of 13 famous people. Can you guess who did the best out of Bill Clinton, Bill Gates and Ke$ha?

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The College Board announced last week that the SAT test will return to a 1600 point scale in 2016. The essay portion, which brought the test up to a 2400 point scale, will no longer be required.

Some of the great figures of our times showed their brilliance on the SATs, others went on to prove that those tests can't measure everything. Here are 13 famous people and their SAT scores. All scores via the New York Times, unless otherwise indicated.

Ben Affleck had a "near perfect" SAT score. 

Bill Gates was just shy of perfect with an SAT score of 1590

Scarlett Johansson was a little below average at 1080.


President George W. Bush portrayed an "average guy" image for much of his political life, and his SAT score backs that up. 1200 is average, and Bush scored a 1206.


Ke$ha, however, was well above average with her 1500. Actually, wait a second, she turned 18 the same year the College Board changed the SATs to a 2400 point scale. Is that 1500 out of 1600 or 2400?


There was a point in Alex Rodriguez's career that people talked about how he could eventually be the best baseball player ever. No one ever said that about A-Rod's test taking skills. He got a 910.

Federal Reserve Chair for the end of Bush's presidency and Obama's first term, Ben Bernanke is supposed to be good with numbers. His 1590 score bodes well in that department. 


James Franco, who, in addition to his acting career, is pursuing an English PhD. at Yale, had a "near perfect" SAT score.

Steve Wozniak, cofounder of Apple, notched a perfect 800 on the math section, though no word on his English score. 


Jesse Eisenberg, who portrayed Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network, got a 1260 on his SATs.


President Bill Clinton had more electoral success than his Vice President Al Gore, but Gore (1355) bested Clinton (1032) at the SATs (Clinton score via SF Gate).


Let's chalk this one up to the limits of standardized testing. You get 400 points just for showing up at the SATs. Bill Cosby somehow only managed a 500.

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