The Space Needle Gets High: Thousands Gather To Celebrate Legal Marijuana (video)

Thousands of happy Seattle stoners gathered around the iconic Space Needle to celebrate the moment that marijuana became legal in their state.

Last night, thousands of people gathered around the Space Needle in Seattle. Then, at the stroke of midnight, they all pulled out some cannabis and got high. Legally. Washington State, in defiance of federal law, now has the most liberal marijuana policy in the world (even more so than Amsterdam). As of today, residents of Washington State can have up to an ounce of marijuana for any use: medical, recreational, or just because they like how it smells.
Technically, the toking crowd was in violation of the statute that legalized marijuana, which forbids smoking in public. While police let that one slide, there is still much concern and debate over how the U.S. Justice Department will handle the fact that two states (Washington and Colorado) now have laws that violate federal laws.
Also going legal at the same time in Washington State: gay marriage. The L.A. Times reported that by 6a.m. today, 279 licenses had already been issued.
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