The State Of The Union Address Drinking Game! Obama Speaks, You Sip

Even a great orator like President Obama can be enjoyed more with a drinking game. Follow along with Obama's State of the Union Address and your state will gradually get jollier.

Whether you swoon or spit at President Obama's every word, everyone can have their State of the Union Address watching experience enhanced by a good drinking game. I recommend beer, maybe wine for this--if you use liquor you will be sloshed by "The state of the union is ___." Now, without further ado, your 2013 State of the Union Address drinking game:

When President Obama says, "the state of the union is..."

"Strong": Big sip

"Sound": Small sip

Anything over eight letters: Big sip

If Obama DOESN'T start with "the state of the union is...": Gulp

Every time all the Democrats and none of the Republicans give a standing ovation: Big sip.

"Win the future": Big sip

"China": Small sip

"Republicans and Democrats" (he has to emphasive "and" but the order of "Republicans" and "Democrats" doesn't matter): Small sip

Any anecdote about someone Obama met who would benefit from the policy he is advocating: Big sip

"Immigration" "Climate Change" or "Afghanistan": Small sip

"Standing in line" (probably in reference to people voting, but regardless): Big sip

"Assault weapons": Gulp

"Recession": Gulp

"On the eve...": Small sip

"Math and science": Big sip

"Staple a green card to their passport": Big sip

"That's not the America...": Big sip

Any time the camera pans to a Republican making a hilariously disgruntled face or mouthing something contrarian: Gulp.

If it's a Supreme Court Justice: Double gulp.

John Boehner cries: Gulp.

When you are sure you have just seen the most random State of the Union guest in the audience: Big sip.

When that gets topped: Gulp.

Ted Nugent (yes, he'll be there) makes his presence known in any way: Finish your drink immediately.

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