Here's Why Legalizing Marijuana Is A Win Win For All

As seven more states get ready to vote on legalizing marijuana, here are the top seven reasons they should say yea.

Here are the top 7 reasons why marijuana legalization is an excellent idea:

1.       Pot isn’t that bad for you.

Sure, it’s unhealthy, but compared to alcohol and cigarettes? Or even energy drinks and candy bars? Cannabis looks just fine compared to our other vices, which can be purchased freely and consumed in public.

2.       The government would both save and earn a giant stash of money.

Marijuana legalization would allow cops to leave hippies alone and focus on violent crime. Those same hippies would be supporting legitimate local businesses with their habit, and the government would get to take a cut. Everyone wins.

3.       Marijuana is safer than alcohol.

No one, repeat, no one has ever died from pot consumption alone. People have died driving while high, but unlike alcohol or cocaine, killing just isn’t weed’s thing, man.

4.       Marijuana legalization would cut funding for gangs and drug cartels.

Cannabis sales are a major source of funding for gangs and drug cartels. Marijuana legalization would mean that gangs would suddenly have to compete with corner stores and coffee shops. Mexico, which has had serious problems with cartel violence, would get a little breathing room to work with.

5.       Prisons would go from very overstuffed to just overstuffed.

Around half (half!) of the nearly 200,000 federal prison inmates are there for drug-related offenses, many of them non-violent. By all means, lock up violent people, but smalltime dealers are just trying to make some cash. They generally aren’t dangerous people. Keeping them locked up is terribly expensive and solves nothing. Both genders and all races smoke pot roughly equally, but those that get arrested for it are predominantly African American men.

6.       More people could vote.

Many states won’t allow convicted felons to vote, while others have partial restrictions. If marijuana were legalized, felons with drug and only drug offenses would be put back on the rolls and allowed to participate in our democracy. It would also help them find jobs, should they be needing one.

7.       To each their own.

A founding and prevailing sentiment in this country is that people can do what they want as long as it doesn’t harm others. Right now, there are people getting high in the privacy of their own homes. Maybe you don’t like it, but maybe they don’t like how you take long showers and don’t compost. If they leave their house and trash your lawn, arrest them for that. But they probably won’t do that. They are probably just going to stay in and watch YouTube videos.

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