The US Is Becoming Dangerously Numb To The Killing Of Innocent Syrians

In order to prevent terror at home, US citizens have become willing to create terror abroad.

Update: Since the time of the original writing the British government has indeed voted to approve the use of military air strikes against targets within Syria's borders. The vote passed by a wide margin with 297 members voting for the air strikes and 223 members voting against them. 

On Wednesday morning, just hours after the vote to approve was finalized, the first of these strikes was carried out by four Royal Air Force Tornados that departed from their base in Cyprus to bomb ISIS targets in Syria. 

Following the horrific terrorist attacks carried out by ISIS in Paris, France on November, 14 the French government has requested that their global allies increase their own military actions against the radical organization. 

This request has been heard by both British and German legislators. In response, both bodies are currently debating whether or not to honor France's request to direct their military might against ISIS targets in Syria

Germany is deciding if they will activate 1,200  support soldiers to aid France in non-combat anti-ISIS efforts. The more divisive issue, however, is the discussion taking place in Parliament Hall. 


Currently, British lawmakers are debating whether or not they will order their air force to carry out missile strikes against ISIS targets in Syria. 

The UK's only current active air strikes take place in Iraq and the nation's potential involvement in increased bombings has set the British public on its end.

These air strikes would undoubtedly cause massive collateral damage and the potential loss of civilian life is the main rallying cry against this measure by members of the British public. 

MPs in favor of the air strikes have taken to calling those with this attitude "terrorist sympathizers" which has further stoked the flames of outrage online.

The court of public opinion has clearly ruled against increased British air strikes in Syria and time will tell whether the wishes of their constituents will influence Parliament's decision. 

The instant consensus and outrage over this issue in the UK does lead one to wonder, however, why a similar dissatisfaction is not expressed in the countries that are most heavily brutalizing the Syrian skyline with bombs right this very moment. 

Why So Silent? 

According to CNN the United States populace has much more reason to cry out over unjust air strikes than that of the United Kingdom. 

More air strikes have been carried out by the United States against Syria than any other country. So why is it that citizens of other countries are more vocal about the possibility of air strikes than those in the United States are about thousands of verified attacks? 

Us vs. Them

The issue is two-fold. 

United States citizens seem to have bought into the lie that Syria and ISIS are essentially one in the same. Also, Because of the fear that the November attacks created, US citizens have become more and more willing to justify gross military actions in the name of self-preservation. 

So what if a few innocents are killed as long as the missiles take out enough ISIS targets to make sure they can never do in the US what they did in France? 

In order to prevent terror at home, US citizens have become willing to create terror abroad. 

Innocent life is innocent life no matter what hemisphere it exists in. This country can not allow it's conscious to be suppressed by fear.

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