Teenage Rape Victim Forced To Relive The Tragedy Thanks To Social Media

As if rape itself is not horrifying enough. Jada, 16, from Houston, Texas, was recently raped. She was at a friend’s house for a party where she says she blacked out.


She doesn’t remember being raped and only discovered that it happened when she found videos and photos on social media of herself being raped.

There are no words to describe how horrifying that must have been for the 16-year-old to live through. The tragedy turned into more of a nightmare when people on social media just wouldn’t let the incident die down.

Before long, the hashtag #jadapose started doing rounds on Twitter and people mocked her rape by tweeting photos of themselves lying down in the splayed position that Jada was seen in the video.

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It is a shame, but unfortunately, it is neither the first nor the last time people have made light of something as serious and heinous as rape.

Of course, thankfully there are people out there who support Jada and are not shying away in taking a stand for her online.

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But is it enough?

The term rape is trivialized in society. Women have equated being stared at by men to being raped, and lawmakers have talked about legitimizing rape. Most recently, Germany "raping" Brazil in the World Cup is further proof of how people are desensitized to this violent crime.

Jada, too young to go through the ordeal, is very courageous. "There's no point in hiding," she said in an interview. "Everybody has already seen my face and my body, but that's not what I am and who I am."

The lack of morality in our society is forcing this survivor to deal with trauma on top of an already traumatic rape. It's disgusting.

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