There Are More CEOs Named John Than Combined Total Of Female CEOs

Ever thought the glass ceiling might be breaking? Well, you might be wrong.

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It wouldn’t be a big surprise to say that currently there are more male CEOs in large companies than there are female CEOs. But you may not realize the extent to which the glass ceiling is a bigger obstacle than we realized.

In a stunning report, the New York Times has revealed that there are more male CEOs named John than there are TOTAL female CEOs.

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There are also just as many men named John on the Republican side of the Senate as there are Republican women. While there are still more male Democratic Senators, the women at least on the Democratic side of the Senate outnumber the men named John. Even this “positive” statistic hardly merits any cause for celebration. The Supreme Court at least has a relatively good representation of women.

The New York Times is calling this comparison of women to men named John, James, Robert, as well as other common male names the Glass Ceiling Index. While it obviously isn’t perfect and could change as trends in names change, it still is a shocking revelation about the gender disparity in corporate and political America. 


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