There Are More Hillary Fans In Baghdad Than Any U.S City

Too bad Iraqis can't vote for her! Hillary Clinton's Facebook page has a lot of fans, but interestingly, 7% of those fans list their hometown as 'Baghdad', according to Vocativ.

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So far, that's more fans than any city in the world, including the U.S.

After Baghdad, the next largest fan base comes out of Texas. This is also surprising, as Hillary is a Democrat. It turns out that she is more likely to get fans from the South (and the Middle-East), than the American coasts, which typically identify as more Democratic.

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What's even more surprising is most of Hillary's Facebook page fans are of people age 55 and older. Those ages 18-34 are not really up on their 'liking' of the page.

However, this is not the case in Baghdad, where more than 60% of both the female and male fans are youngsters.

Although Facebook fans can not be an accurate judgment of how the votes will turn out, it does say a lot about how much Hillary is liked, which can certainly play a role in the next election.

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