Numbers Don't Lie! Marriage Is Officially Out Of Fashion In The U.S.

At this rate, married couples will become extinct or at least endangered species in 100 years.

Married Couples

"You have two options in a marriage. You can either be happy or you can be right."

It is jokes like these which indicate that the world of holy matrimony is no child's play, and one shouldn't venture into its troubled waters unless he or she hates life.

An entire brigade of stand-up comedians makes their living by mocking marriages, married life and couples. Same is the case with popular culture where downplaying the importance of marriages has been a tried and tested theme.

Perhaps such behavior is the reason the United States of America, for the first time in its recorded history, has been found to have more single people than married couples.

This startling revelation comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, according to whom, 50.2 percent of America's adult population is single, as of August 2014.

In 1976, when these sort of records were compiled for the first time, the ratio stood at 63 to 37 percent in married couples' favor, but that margin has evaporated and turned into a deficit in a mere 38 years. Clearly, something happened during this time span.

Married Couples

Pop culture's influence, the dating norms of modern society, responsibilities as well as the advent of domestic partnerships has made people lose their faith in orthodox marriages. Spike in domestic abuse and divorce rates hasn't helped the cause either.

Experts believe that economic factor also plays a huge part in preventing couples from getting married.

“While they [single people] have less household earnings than married people, they also have fewer expenses, especially if there are no children in their households,” explained Yardeni Research Inc's Edward Yardeni.

Arguments opposing traditional nuptials are aplenty, and they're right too to an extent. When marriages go wrong, they go very wrong. However, what the critics don't realize is that a successful marriage also leads to a better sex life, better health, more money as well as greater sense of accomplishment.

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