There Are Still Glaciers-And One Killed A Tourist

There are other concerns that are slightly different than global warming.

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An Italian man was killed by a cracked piece of ice from a glacier, falling on top of him.

We've all seen it in the movies-a volcano erupting, and the lava leaking towards the actors as they run away. An avalanche, rumbling towards two people on their snowmobiles, as they try to frantically escape. And, we've seen gigantic pieces of ice crack from one end, slowly down to the other, with nothing you can do.

Alexander Hellweger was on a trip to Alaska with friends from Italy and Belgium. They were there as tourists, exploring the vast land, while having some fun.

Hellweger and his friends one day were taken by helicopter to go skiing. It seemed like an ordinary day in which Hellweger and his seven friends would have a great time hitting the slopes.

The group got together to take a photo, while Hellweger was making his way over to the group. As he was walking, they all heard the terrible sound of ice cracking.

The rest of the group ran out of the way from the noise, but Hellweger wasn't able to escape. Sadly, a piece of that ice from a glacier above, fell off, landing on top of Hellweger.

Alexander Hellweger

Although it was an unfortunate freak accident, these types of events can happen in places like Alaska, and sometimes the dangers are unavoidable.
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