These Photos Of Drought Hit California Will Make You Question Your Ice Bucket Challenge

While we are busy dunking ourselves with buckets full of ice cold water, the state of California is facing the severest of droughts.

When two women employees at Angeion Consulting got nominated for the ice bucket challenge, they actually did something to help those suffering from draught. They decided to accept the challenge with a twist of their own, and instead of dumping water on their heads; they donated to help Porterville, a town in California running dangerously low on water.

Porterville, a city of about 73,000 people, is a prime example of towns suffering from drought— there are at least 300 homes that have been without water for weeks.

Just look at the images below:

Photos Of California

The difference between the two images is mind blowing.

But it’s not a rare case. Sights like these are common in California as it faces one of the most severe droughts on record. Governor Jerry Brown declared a State of Emergency in January this year and directed state officials to take all necessary actions to prepare for water shortages.

The dearth of irrigation water from rivers or reservoirs has forced growers to rely almost entirely on water pumped from wells. But they are afraid they may run out of that as well soon enough.

Farmers are cutting down on their annual crops in order to make the water last. One such farmer, Shawn Stevenson, bulldozed a third of his orange grove hoping, "When these trees are gone they're not going to use any more water so I can put that water on another crop."

While another farming couple Vince and Pam Sola have left a large part of their land unplanted in favor of their almond harvest. "Without surface water, we decided we had to leave some land idle and divert the water to less acres." said Sola.


Here are some images showing just how bad things are:

Photos Of California

Photos Of California

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Photos Of California

Photos Of California

Photos Of California

So, while there have been gallons of water going down the drain, a large part of America has faced a tough time making ends meet and grow decent crops. The problem may soon be getting worse.

If anything, the situation in California should teach us to practice some responsibility and respect natural resources.

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