Think Weed Isn't Addictive? Think Again.

Many people like to believe that marijuana isn't addictive. That's simply not true.

In the ongoing legalization debate surrounding marijuana, one point keeps coming up: that unlike other substances, marijuana is not addictive.

The above from Business Insider shows that simply isn't true. Not only is marijuana an addictive substance, but it's being grown with more THC than ever -- meaning that today's weed is more addictive than the weed your parents smoked.

That isn't to say, however, that weed should not be legalized. After all, alcohol is also an addictive substance, and it is legal. But by not acknowledging the addictive nature of marijuana, pro-legalization activists might be damaging their own cause. Instead of pretending that addiction doesn't happen, the argument could be made that legalization will allow regulation of the addictive nature of pot. Obscuring the facts on this issue won't help anyone.

[Business Insider]

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