This 9 Year Old Girl Got Shot While Selling Girl-Scout Cookies

One of those adorable little girls who come knocking on your door to sell delicious thin mint cookies, has just been shot.

Sinai Miller

Most people don't think their child will face danger for going outside to sell Girl Scout cookies. That's what Sinai Miller's mother probably thought, too, when seconds later her daughter got shot in the leg in Indianapolis.

Sinai, 9 years old, was going out with her sisters in the middle of the afternoon to go door to door to sell their cookies. Suddenly, a blue Ford Expedition rolled up, and shot a bullet out the car window, hitting Sinai in her calf.

Investigators believe the shot was not intended for the little girl, but it still makes us wonder what a guy with a gun was doing in a neighborhood with little kids.

Unlike so many others that have sadly lost their innocent lives to gun violence in America, Sinai Miller is in stable condition and can talk about what happened. The first thing she said though was, "What did I do wrong?"

Her mother's boyfriend, Mark Chandler, told Fox13, "It's just ridiculous. She's 9 years old, man. She's very smart. She don't know nothing about no guns or no shots or whatever."

The Girl Scouts of Indiana has started a campaign called 'Cookies for Sinai', and hopefully her friends will be safe when carrying on the 9 year old's mission of selling those delicious cookies we all love. 

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