This Domestic Ad Campaign Has A Powerful Twist

This domestic ad campaign highlights an important and often ignored issue in domestic abuse.

Women's Aid Domestic violence ad

A new domestic violence ad campaign has an empowering new message for consumers.

British domestic violence awareness organization, Women’s Aid, unveiled a domestic violence prevention ad in London this week that depicted a woman’s face swollen and cut with two black eyes. The image alone is powerful, but with interactive technology the ad actually changes based on people’s responses to it.

Women's Aid from Ocean Outdoor on Vimeo.

When passers-by ignore the ad, the image does not change. But if individuals stop and view it, the woman’s face begins to heal. The ad uses facial recognition technology to capture how people are responding to the ad. Individuals who turn to the poster will then see their faces projected onto the screen.

The campaign’s message runs on the idea that “it only takes one person to notice the problem to make a change.” The consistent cycle of domestic abuse is run by shame, misogyny and undoubtedly, the bystander effect — where people ignore a problem they are aware of rather than taking action.

The campaign hones in on this core notion that us as a society need to intervene and take action to stop the systematic violence. When one in four women will experience domestic abuse in her lifetime, we need to start taking notice because when of us pays attention, then we can collectively begin to drive change.

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