This Is How They Will Find The Missing Malaysian Airlines Plane

There are four possibilities for what might have happened to the Malaysian Airlines plane that disappeared in the South China Sea, and two of them have been eliminated.

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The disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight over the South China Sea has captured the world’s attention. While most of us pick up the scant details as they arise and concoct our own theories, authorities are systematically working through a set number of possibilities for what happened to the plane, which was carrying 227 passengers and 12 staff.

Essentially, as this video from Stratfor explains, there are four possible reasons why this strange and likely tragic event occurred, and two of them have been eliminated.

In all likelihood, we are down to a catastrophic mechanical failure or a “man-made” event. That could be some kind of military intervention, but would most likely be terrorism.

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Still, if it were terrorism, wouldn’t a group have come forward to take credit by now? The possibilities are narrowing, but this is still as big a mystery as ever.

The latest detail to emerge is that an oil worker from New Zealand claims to have seen the plane on fire, while it was still in the air.


This is where the oil rig worker says he saw the plane.

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