This Is The WORST Job For Sexual Harassment

Interviews with nearly 700 restaurant workers revealed shocking statistics.

Low wages, crappy tips, throbbing feet and an aching back - being a waitress isn't the easiest way to make money.

Now new shocking report has revealed a darker side of working in a restaurant.  In an interview with nearly 600 restaurant workers,  90% of waitresses have experienced some form of sexual harassment. 

Not only are customers leering and making inappropriate comments, female restaurant workers report that both management and coworkers hit on them and talk about their body inappropriately.  Men and women servers complained of at least monthly sexual harassment from coworkers and management. 

Lee Mitchell is a waitress at a busy restaurant in Los Angeles. She's not surprised by the statistic at all. 

"My manager regularly asks me personal questions that are inappropriate. But I really, really need this job so I just smile and try to ignore it. At least the customers who are lewd aren't there my entire shift." 

The National Restaurant Association is the largest foodservice trade association in the world and supports nearly 500,000 restaurant businesses. The website states that "We work every day to empower all restaurant owners and operators to achieve more than they thought possible".   

Are they concerned about these findings or taking steps to address sexual harassment? Nope. Executives released a statement addressing the study. "These recycled attacks are part of a national, multi-million dollar campaign engineered, organized and funded by national labor unions and their allies seeking to disparage an industry that has no barrier to entry and no limit to what employees can achieve." 

Mitchell doesn't think changes will happen anytime soon.  "I sort of smile and take it. All waitresses know that being bothered inappropriately is just part of the job." 


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