$43 Million Wedding Highlights Severe Economic Inequality In China

Angelababy, a famous Chinese actress, just had one of the most lavish weddings ever seen, costing over $43 million.

A famous Chinese actress just married the man of her dreams in a wedding so incredibly lavish, many are calling it the most extravagant wedding yet.

The bride, Angelababy, married Huang Xiaoming in a wedding that cost an estimated 200 million yuan, or $43 million.

angelababy and huang xiaoming

Angelababy got her name by combining her chosen name, Angela, and her nickname, baby. In China, she is the Kim Kardashian equivalent, possibly even more famous. According to Yahoo News, she even has one of the most followed Weibo accounts in the world.

Kevin Kwan, the author of Crazy Rich Asians, put this all into perspective: “If Chris Evans were to marry Jennifer Lawrence in a very public, all paparazzi invited wedding held at Radio City Music Hall, that would not even come close to the magnitude of this wedding.”

According to Yahoo News, “The over-the-top affair took place at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, a 200,000 square foot space, with 2,000 of the couple’s closest friends in attendance. The venue was decorated in pinks and purples, with the hall transformed into a romantic fairytale set straight out of a movie. Some of those theatrics included a castle projected via hologram and lights displayed in the shapes of stain-glass windows.”


To add to it all, the cake featured a rotating carousel and stood a few feet taller than the bride and groom.

The bride, who serves as fashion inspiration to millions (similar to Kardashian), wore an elegant Dior custom gown that took weeks to make.  The dress was made from 115 feet of satin organza, and featured 170 feet of tulle crafted into seven skirt layers with a 10-foot-long train.

Among the 75 tables of guests, many media correspondents were present to publicize the highly-sponsored ceremony. For some, that might seem shocking, but Angelababy explained, “Of course it’s no surprise if there were brand sponsors, as this was the wedding uniting two huge celebrity brands.”


This wedding, while gaining international attention, also highlights some of the worst economic inequality in the world. While the gap between the rich and the poor has been widely discussed in the U.S., China has far surpassed this inequality long ago. 

According to Bloomberg News, "A common measure of income inequality almost doubled in China between 1980 and 2010 and now points to a 'severe' disparity, according to researchers at the University of Michigan. The finding conforms to what many Chinese people already say they believe — in a 2012 survey, they ranked inequality as the nation’s top social challenge, above corruption and unemployment, the report showed."

For this kind of wedding to be so widely celebrated and adorned with sponsorships and adoring gazes — while many in China are still struggling to support their families — is an absolute tragedy. As gorgeous as it is, one could only imagine the horrible contrast that can be seen in the rest of the country. 

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