This Man’s Story Will Show You Not All Is Bad In Saudi Arabia

For a change, here’s a good story out of Saudi Arabia.

A man lying in a Saudi hospital tweeted how he was miserable and lonely after being partially paralyzed due to an accident. The patient gave the hospital’s name and his room number, adding how he was on his own and missing company.  

Ibrahim probably wasn’t expecting what happened next - within hours, there was a queue of people outside his room, all waiting to meet him.

Some simply dropped in, while others brought chocolates, flowers and cards.

Even the security guards were perplexed at the large turnout:

They eventually decided to meet him themselves - after all he seemed like a celebrity.

But more than that, it’s pleasantly surprising to hear such news coming out of the Kingdom instead of the dark and dreary developments that keep taking place.

We hear of strange religious edicts prohibiting women from driving, going to libraries and working to earn a living, while  the royals taking human lives and freedoms for granted. If it’s not these atrocities making the headlines, there are stories of disgusting displays and misuse of wealth.

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Despite the oppressive Saud rulers and their ultra dominant religious police, such acts show that the people of the Kingdom are generally very kind.

They go out of their way to help people.  What’s more, the government is slowly and gradually relaxing its stance on many things, more women are getting an education or earning a living, and the powers of the hawkish religious police have also been curtailed to some extent.

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In addition to being kind-hearted individuals, the Saudis are also known for their sense of humor.

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So here’s proof for all of us that there’s a lot of good happening in the world, even if we don’t hear about it.

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