This Map Exposes How The US Compares To The World On Gender Equality

A new survey exposes which countries are the most and least progressive.

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The disparity in gender equality between different countries in the world is staggering; while in the United States, women are fighting for equal wages and the elimination of ingrained systemic sexism, other countries are still pushing for the widespread education of young girls.

This map gives a better understanding of where we are, globally, in terms of gender equality. Based on a global survey by YouGov, it displays the answers of 24 countries whose inhabitants were asked how they felt about gender equality in a series of 14 questions. The questions were designed to get an idea of a given country’s attitude toward gender equality—and the results are interesting.

gender map

It appears that the Nordic countries, across the board, are the most progressive in terms of their attitude toward equality; Sweden, in particular, sees virtually no difference between men and women.

It also reveals that the more wealthy the country, the more likely it is to have enlightened views, with an unfortunate exception—the United States was only five points more progressive than China, though it has seven times more wealth per person.

Middle Eastern countries emerge with the most outdated views on women, as they responded much lower than the global average when it came to statements such as, “women’s first role is to look after her husband,” and “a woman’s place is in the home.”

Overall, the map both reveals that we have made a solid amount of progress and that there’s still a long way to go—let’s all try to emulate Sweden. 

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