More Than A Century Old Message In A Bottle Has Been Discovered

A couple taking a stroll down the beach stumbled upon what may be the oldest message in a bottle to be found.

What could be the oldest message in a bottle on record was recently discovered by a couple on vacation at a beach in Amrum, Germany.

As romantic as it all seems, the bottle’s note wasn’t a heartfelt message meant to reach someone’s long lost love, but rather a postcard asking for the bottle to be returned to the Marine Biological Association of the UK.

The bottle was originally released in the North Sea between 1904 and 1906 as one of nearly 1,000 sent out to sea as a part of marine research about deep sea currents.

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In addition to where to send the bottle, the postcard also granted a shilling to anyone who carried out the instructions.  The association sent one old English shilling to the woman, Marianne Winkler, who actually found the bottle.

The association is waiting to find out if this finding will break the world record for oldest message in a bottle found. The record is currently held by a bottle that is 99 years and 43 days old found in 2013. 

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