Mom Shaves 7-Year-Old Daughter's Head For Horrific Cancer Scam

A Texas woman is in jail after convincing her 7-year-old daughter that she was dying of cancer and using her in a fundraising scheme.

Texas mother, Juanita Garcia, has taken treating your kid like a cash cow to a new low with this awful, cringe-worthy stunt.

Garcia reportedly shaved her 7-year-old daughter’s head and convinced her she was dying of cancer to exploit her in a fundraising scam.

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The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office in southern Texas announced on Facebook that they had arrested the 46-year-old mother on third-degree felony charges for the exploitation of a child. She has been arraigned and is now awaiting trial in detention with her bond set at $10,000.

Garcia was telling people in person and on social media that her daughter was terminally ill and had only months left to live. She asked them for donations to cover the cost of “treatment,” according to police.

After being tipped-off by Child Protective Services, police investigated and found the little girl was totally healthy.

Garcia’s elaborate plan included posting photos on Facebook of her daughter wearing shirts that read, “I’m NOT a boy. I’m a GIRL fighting cancer” and commented heartwarming, encouraging words to her “strong warrior” under the photos.

fake cancer scam

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How could anyone use such a devastating disease that claims the lives of so many loved ones for personal gain? On top of that, how could anyone exploit a young child making her believe she is about to die? So traumatic!

Garcia’s actions are deplorable, disgusting and shameful. Although what she did is inexcusable under any circumstance, one could only hope that desperation, not greed, was the driving force behind a mother stooping so low and toying with her own child’s life.

Cancer is nothing to joke around about. Nearly 1,960 kids under the age of 19 actually died of cancer in 2014, making it the leading cause of death by disease outside of infancy, according to the National Cancer Institute.

Garcia is definitely not the first to carry out such a scam. Sadly, cases like this happen fairly often such as in 2013 with Utah mother, Abreail Winkler, who lied about her child having leukemia to get money for “treatment” using similar means as Garcia to spread the word. She was reportedly charged with communications fraud.

The heartbreaking part of it all is the children, who aren't even old enough to truly understand death, being made to believe they're going to die. Furthermore, the  emotional trauma from the aftermath once their parents get caught and arrested. Then there's the stigma attached to these kids that they are somehow criminals like their parents, despite not knowing any better. 

This crime should be considered more than communications fraud or exploitation of a child, it should be regarded as child abuse.

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