This Nonprofit Is Playing Video Games To Help Cure Cancer

Raising money doesn't have to be boring. And this group of gamers is proving that by raking in thousands for charities by doing what they love: Gaming.

A wise man once said, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life."

That’s good advice for choosing a vocation, and as Keith Murphy is proving, it applies to charity work as well.

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Murphy is the founder of Charitable Gamers; a nonprofit collective of gamers from all walks of life that are raising serious money for various charities by doing the thing they love the most: gaming.

Despite being only a year old; Charitable Gamers streams have already raised thousands of dollars for The American Cancer Society, To Write Love on Her Arms, and most recently, Boston Children’s Hospital.

Murphy and his cohorts use the gaming site Twitch to stream their playthroughs of popular games such as New Super Mario Bros. U and Dark Souls 2. Everyone who joins them in-stream to watch is encouraged to donate to the current charity that the group is fundraising for.

It’s a brilliantly cohesive design for a fundraising platform because, as Murphy pointed out in our interview, all he has to do is have fun.

“We’re having a hell of a time,” Murphy announced proudly. “I think it’s key to find something you actually WANT to do when it comes to charity. Like Habitat for Humanity is a good charity but I would get burned out building houses in no time. I’ve been playing games my whole life and don’t see any burnout from that in my future."

They certainly seem to be having fun. Check out the video below for some of the sights (but mostly the sounds) that viewers have come to know and love from the channel.

Murphy's attitude towards personal fulfillment is refreshing in the often-pretentious world of nonprofit founders who pretend to have no personal motivations while launching "charitable" promotions that benefit their companies and fatten their bottom lines.

“I won’t lie a huge goal for me is to become a bigger name in the video game space,” Murphy said. “Fueling my need for popularity may not be the best motivation but I embrace it honestly. If I give into my own ego and become more popular than so does Charitable Gamers and more people get the help they need through the donations. You have to embrace your flaws to be successful so that's what I do. 

Twitch Streaming can be a highly lucrative activity, with many top-tier streamers making it their full time job, but Murphy and his team don’t take a dime from their channel.

Instead they are supported by a modest Patreon account, and a few ads that go towards paying the fees to keep their domain active and purchase necessary equipment.

Murphy is also determined to prove the goodness of gamers and does not tolerate any gamer guy stereotypes on his platforms.

“Look gaming in general is very sexist and homophobic that’s a fact,” Murphy remarked. “But our community contrasts that. Our regular viewers are smart enough to know the difference between swearing and calling someone gay. We drink and curse regularly on stream, but hate has no place here."

A lesson to be learned from Charitable Gamers is that you don’t have to put your interests, or your ambitions, on the sidelines in order to do something that benefits the world.

Charitable Gamers is looking for writers, video editors, and more streamers to join their cause today.

It's a great chance for all you gamers to put those agile thumbs to good use. 

Get started and the next time your mom tells you to turn off the Nintendo (that is actually an Xbox) you can just tell her that you are, literally, saving the world. 

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