This Profession Is Being Rewarded With Cash And Luxury Cars In Saudi Arabia

BMWs and big bucks will be given to top performers.


Teaching in the U.S. is often considered a thankless, low-paying job. You won't see the parking lot of an elementary school filled with expensive cars. Heck, teachers are lucky to get an apple these days. 

Not so in Saudi Arabia. 

The Ministry of Education in that country has made a big announcement for educators. 

Top performing teachers will be given luxury cars, like BMWs, and as much as $32,000 in cash. 

All educators, including including administrative employees like advisors and principals, are eligible. 

According to Arab News, some winners already had been selected. Awards for outstanding students are also in place but details have not been revealed. 

A ministry official was quoted as saying, “This confirms the ministry’s commitment to students and education in general. The awarding of BMWs should be a great motivation for people working in the field.”

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