This Woman Gave Birth In Jail And No One Cared

Jail is a scary place, and many of the things that can happen there are unimaginable. But this is just unbelievable.

Nicole Guerrero, Texas

Nicole Guerrero is a woman that had to do what no one should ever need to do...bring a child into the world while in a solitary confinement cell.

The case comes after a lawsuit that Guerrero is now pursuing after Wichita County, Texas, who she claims is at fault for giving her baby the death sentence.

According to court documents, Guerrero said that it all happened after she was arrested on drug possession charges. After being in jail for quite some time, she went to the doctor to get treated for an infection. The doctor informed her that she was 8 1/2 months pregnant.

Shortly after her return to jail, she started feeling what felt like contractions. The nurse checked her out, but concluded that Guerrero was not in labor. Guerrero was then placed in a solitary confinement cell, when she began going into labor, despite the nurses' call. She called for medical attention, but no one came. It wasn't until a detention officer that happened to be walking by her cell, saw her and decided to help. By then, the baby was born, not breathing and with the umbilical cord tied around its neck. It died shortly after delivery.

Nicole Guerrero, Wichita County, Texas, Lawsuit

The lawsuit was filed last week, mostly against the nurse who ignored her situation, and also the jail who ignored her calls for attention.

Despite Guerrero's criminal history, it is unfortunate that her baby had to suffer. This story sheds more light about the horrible situations surrounding America's prisons and the mistreatment of those in them. 

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