Thousands Cheer Wendy Davis Outside Texas State Capitol (VIDEO)


Thousands of people gathered outside Texas State Capitol to support and cheer for Wendy Davis, the feminist superhero who blocked the controversial anti-abortion bill last week.

Davis who talked for a good 13 hours without any bathroom, snacks or sitting breaks, succeeded in preventing the state's anti-abortion bill from passing in the Senate. Her filibuster “busted” her opponents and gathered immense support from the crowd which literally erupted when Davis was interrupted during her speech.

She even got her own internet memes which you can find here.

Davis, in order to thank her supporters and colleagues addressed a huge crowd outside Texas State Capitol building. She said, “Your voices joined together roaring through what we all understood was a raw abuse of power to secure victory. How fitting that it was the people’s filibuster that stopped S.B. 5 and put the politicians currently in power on notice.”

 She continued, “Those in power have turned down millions of our federal dollars meant to help women here simply because they wanted to hurt one organization committed to quality health care in Texas.”

While mentioning her struggle against opponents, Davis said,“We have fought for years to convince these politicians that the best way to prevent unintended pregnancies is to give women real control of their lives by investing in good family planning services and honest, effective, age-appropriate sexual education for our kids.”

Wendy Davis has become sort of a ‘filibuster hero’ it seems. You can watch her addressing the Texas crowd in the video above.

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