World Leaders Need To Take A Cue From These Protests And Stop Israel

Will these protests from around the world drive international leaders take action against Israel?

As Israel continues to bomb Gaza killing scores of Palestinians, people around the world are taking a stand against Tel Aviv’s violation of international law and human rights.

Since the beginning of the latest series of bombardment, thousands of people have taken to the streets around the world to show solidarity with Palestinians.

Earlier this week, President Obama hosted the annual White House Iftar during the Muslim month of fasting.

While the occasion is usually a festive one and it celebrates diversity, this years event was clouded by people’s frustration over the government’s inaction over the escalating violence against people in Gaza.

Several prominent Muslim Americans boycotted the dinner and hundreds of human rights activists gathered on the White House South Lawn to mark their protest against the Obama administration turning a blind eye to injustice in Palestine.

The influential Arab-American Anti-Discrimiation Committee (ADC), which called for the boycott, released a statement saying:

”Political engagement is important having a seat at the table is crucial — but only when that seat is intended to amplify our voice as a community, not tokenize or subdue it.” 

Since nine days when fighting began, over 204 Palestinians have been killed with about 1,500 injured. On the Israeli side, one man was killed.

With citizens around the world speaking out against Israel, what will it take for world leaders to finally take a bold step to end the violations of international law and human rights?

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