Three cleared over helping to plan London 7th July bombings

Three men accused of helping the July 7 bombers plan their attack have been found not guilty. At Kingston Crown Court, Waheed Ali, Mohammed Shakil and Sadeer Saleem were cleared by a jury of carrying out a reconnaissance mission to help the London bombers. It followed a three-month long re-trial after an earlier jury failed to reach verdicts. But two of the men, Ali, 25, and Shakil, 32, were convicted of a new charge of conspiring to attend a terrorist training camp. The trio, all from Beeston, Leeds, were accused of scouting the capital for possible targets with two of the four young British Muslims who detonated homemade devices in co-ordinated attacks on three underground trains and a bus in 2005. They were accused of visiting the London Eye, the Natural History Museum and the London Aquarium while pinpointing potential targets seven months before the 2005 atrocity. They admitted visiting the locations but claimed the visit was entirely social.