25 Years Later, The World Rallies Around Tiananmen Square Mothers

The world tells China: We will not forget the Tiananmen Square massacre, despite censorship efforts.


China might be doggedly determined to squash the truth about the Tiananmen Square massacre, but the world doesn't forget. 

Twenty-five years after Chinese troops with assault rifles shot unarmed, peaceful student protestors dead, Amnesty International wants the mothers of those killed to know the world stands in solidarity with them. 

People from Spain, Nepal, Iceland and other countries send a direct message to the mothers: You are not alone. We remember June 4th.

The death toll from Tiananmen Square and troops open firing on civilian throughout Beijing has never been confirmed. It could range from several hundred to several thousand. Whatever the number, those are the grieving families Amnesty International wants to connect with.


Every year ahead of the Tiananmen Square massacre anniversary, China begins to mount a censorship campaign that includes blocking certain websites and search terms. This year is no different, and potentially even more strict given the 25th anniversary.

The June 4 anniversary marks the bloody end to six weeks of protests and students occupying Tiananmen Square in 1989. Tanks began to roll through the city streets on June 3 and the one indelible image from the massacre is a standoff between a lone Chinese man standing directly in front of a tank. 


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